This piece depicting an adult and baby seahorse is first sculpted from wood and then coated with multiple layers of brass or silver and burnished to a fine luster. Tinted waxes are applied to finish. It measures 14″ wide by 32″ high (these dimensions are not precise, but are close approximations). Because it is entirely encased in metal this piece can safely go on a lanai, porch, boat, bathroom as well as any interior portion of a home or business.

Each piece is appropriately fitted with wall hangers.

The sculpture depicted in the image accurately represents this particular piece, but since all Naples Metal artworks are created by hand and signed by the artist, each piece is unique.

Some items may take longer to deliver, based on availability. We encourage you to inquire about delivery times before ordering. Please contact or call (410) 980-5073. If you place an order and it can’t be fulfilled immediately, you will be contacted with an estimated shipping date.

Price: $1,050
SKU: SEA-2-3214

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